Backyard Permaculture Garden Project – Part 1

February 26, 2015

My dream is to have a large backyard where I can practice permaculture gardening and simple sustainable lifestyle … in the future. Currently we are living in a townhouse where the out door gardens are taken care by stratus. We have a very limited space to play with. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything. Our little backyard is north facing which means it’s very shady. But there is a small area where has some sun and I can build a long and narrow raised bed. When I discussed my plan with hubby, he think it should be fine and under the stratus’ guideline. Here comes my little permaculture garden.

Preparation of soil:

Currently that area is covered by a few invasive plants and weeds. My first step is to clean up that area a little bit. It will take too much effort to remove them completely. So it will be a perfect case to use cardboard / news paper mulch. I covered that area with cardboard and news paper. On top of it I placed a thick layer of leave that I collected from bushes at the park.

The garden soil has four layers:

  1. Cardboard /News paper
  2. Leave
  3. Pea moss
  4. Potting soil

The investment

There is nowhere to get the free soil . We bought the following materials – our plan is to spend as little as possible.

    1. One big bag of pea moss and
    2. Two bags of organic potting soil

Untreated wood to build the raised bed

The total investment for my permaculture backyard garden is about CND $55.

backyard permaculture project  (1) backyard permaculture project  (2)

backyard permaculture project  (3)

The primary purpose of this little backyard garden is to experiment permaculture in a small space. Since there are deer and sometimes bears visiting our community. We are not going to plant any fruit trees and plants that deer like to eat. We will mostly plant some perennial flowers and a few vegetables if possible.

I will continue blog about the progress and development of this little backyard garden. Please come back regularly for updates. Thank you for your visit! 🙂

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