Build a Front Yard Vegetable Garden

March 30, 2015

Found this interesting video on YouTube. A Canadian couple from Quebec planted a front yard vegetable garden to grow their own food and become more self-sufficient. They fought with the city to have the right to plant vegetable gardens in the front yard and eventually they won the battle with the help from people all over the world who support urban farming. They ended up helping their city to build the new bylaw to allow people growing food in their font yard.

Don’t you want to have a front yard vegetable garden?

Backyard Permaculture Garden Project – Part 2

March 23, 2015

It’s been almost one month since I started my backyard permaculture project. For those who have not read my first post of this project, please read Backyard Permaculture Project – Part 1 –Ā  Since then a lots of flowers and a few veggies have been planted. Here are some latest updates. šŸ™‚

I am trying to propagate flowers/veggies/fruits bush from cuttings as much as possible.Ā  It’s amazing how much I can grow in such a tiny little area (about 530cm x 60cm raised bed plot).


  1. Roses from cuttings
  2. Hydrangeas from cuttings
  3. Peony (1 pink)Ā  from roots – purchased from nursery
  4. Dalia (5 Orange /yellow) from roots – purchased from nursery
  5. Lily
  6. Tully
  7. Daffodil

Fruit plants:

  1. Blueberries from cuttings
  2. Strawberry
  3. Grapes


  1. Ba Chai from kitchen scrap
  2. Celery from kitchen scrap
  3. Romain lettuces from kitchen scrap
  4. Sweet potato (still indoor)

backyard permaculture project - part two (1)

backyard permaculture project - part two (4)

backyard permaculture project - part two (5)

backyard permaculture project - part two (6)

backyard permaculture project - part two (3)

backyard permaculture project - part two (2)

Plant Hardiness Zones in Western Canada

March 10, 2015

Sprint is around the corner – it’s time to start sowing. šŸ™‚ To know when to sow what, you need to know your local plant zoning. After a little bit online search, here comes the Plant Hardiness Zones Map in Western Canada from Natural Resource Canada.

The Plant Hardiness Zones map outlines the different zones in Canada where various types of trees, shrubs and flowers will most likely survive. It is based on the average climatic conditions of each area.

western canada zone hardness map 1 (Medium)

  • Extreme Minimum Temperature Zones

This plant hardiness zones map follows an approach used by the United StatesĀ Department of Agriculture ( The map shows theĀ average of the annual extreme minimum temperature for the period 1981 to 2010.Ā It is important to note that weather conditions in any individual year may be differentĀ from the average conditions shown on this map.

To view an interactive version of this map and for moreĀ information on plant hardiness zones in Canada, pleaseĀ go to the following Web site: